Peer Advising

What is Peer Advising?

Tutors are also Peer Advisors, as experienced students they are prepared to discuss various topics with students. This is an extremely beneficial way to supplement academic advising.

Photo of student and peer

Peer Advising Topics

Test taking
  • Careless mistakes
  • Recognizing key points in unfamiliar questions
  • Give yourself time to prepare
Understanding concepts
  • Making analogies
  • Break it down
  • Visualization
Applying concepts
  • Understanding the big picture
  • Identifying connections between the question and related concepts
  • Pattern recognition
  • Day at a time
  • Week at a time
  • Semester at a time
How can you be advised?

Peer Advising available the same times as tutoring!

Sign into the online tutoring queue & put "peer advising" in for the topic.