Tutoring & Peer Advising

The CARE team is committed to working together, learning together, and supporting each other!

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Summer CARE Tutoring & Peer Advising by appointment only!

Topics for tutoring & peer advising:

CARE targets 100-200 level courses for tutoring and have limited tutors for more advanced courses. Peer advising topics including (but not limited to) study skills, time management, test-taking and other topics on the peer advising page.

Use the tutoring schedule to plan for your session.

Schedule by course

Schedule by program skill

Tutoring & Peer Advising In-Person Hours:
Sundays  12pm-10pm
Mondays  12-10pm
Tuesdays  12pm-10pm
Wednesdays 12pm-10pm
Thursdays  12-10pm
Fridays  12-6pm
Saturdays  12-6pm

Logging in Step-by-Step to work with a tutor (remote or in-person):

1. Go to the "CARE tutoring & peer advising" queue  queue.illinois.edu.
2. Follow instructions 1-5 in queue message box

  • Tutors will work with students in the order they are in the queue.
  • If you are utilizing remote tutoring, use the zoom information in the queue message. 
  • Questions can be directed to, engr-care@illinois.edu.


Tutoring & Peer Advising Remote Hours:
Sundays  6-8pm & 10pm-12am
Mondays  6-8pm
Tuesdays  6-8pm & 10pm-12am 
Wednesdays 6-8pm & 10pm-12am
Thursdays  6-8pm
Fridays  2-4pm
Saturdays  2-4pm


Junior in Chemical Engineering

CARE has provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn from engineers within UIUC. It makes college feel a lot smaller when you can work directly with a CARE tutor, rather than attempting to get help at TA office hours, which is generally not as individualized. CARE has had an immense impact on my learning experience, and I would highly encourage anyone to use the resources that CARE can provide. I have found it especially useful for Math, PHYS, and TAM. CARE made many difficult concepts very comprehensible and easy to apply.