Tutoring & Peer Advising

The CARE team is committed to working together, learning together, and supporting each other!

Available in-person & remote in Fall 2021, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! 
In-person located the 4th floor of Grainger Engineering Library in the west-wing.

Topics for tutoring & peer advising:

CARE targets 100-200 level courses for tutoring and have limited tutors for more advanced courses. Peer advising topics including (but not limited to) study skills, time management, test-taking and other topics on the peer advising page.

Use the tutoring schedule to plan for your session.

Schedule by course

Schedule by program skill

Tutoring & Peer Advising Hours:
Sundays  12pm-12am (10pm-12am remote only)
Mondays  12-10pm
Tuesdays  12pm-12am (10pm-12am remote only)
Wednesdays 12pm-12am (10pm-12am remote only)
Thursdays  12-10pm
Fridays  12-6pm
Saturdays  12-6pm

Logging in Step-by-Step to work with a tutor (remote or in-person):

  • Add yourself to the "CARE tutoring & peer advising" queue  queue.illinois.edu.
  • Use the "location" field to indicate if you are "in-person" or "online"
  • Tutors will work with students in the order they are in the queue.
  • If you are utilizing remote tutoring, use the zoom link in the queue message to join the session.  You will be directed to the main room to work independently or with other students in the space until the tutor notifies you it is your turn.
  • Questions can be directed to, engr-care@illinois.edu.

We strongly encourage in-person tutoring for those who can make it to Grainger Engineering Library!  In-person sessions offer more opportunity to engage with tutors and other students in our space. 


Junior in Chemical Engineering

CARE has provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn from engineers within UIUC. It makes college feel a lot smaller when you can work directly with a CARE tutor, rather than attempting to get help at TA office hours, which is generally not as individualized. CARE has had an immense impact on my learning experience, and I would highly encourage anyone to use the resources that CARE can provide. I have found it especially useful for Math, PHYS, and TAM. CARE made many difficult concepts very comprehensible and easy to apply.