Peer Led Teams "PLT"

Peer Led Teams (PLT)

Sessions follow a format modeled across the country to help students maintain academic success. The facilitator is prepared to help you practice and refine effective approaches to learning. 

Benefits of PLT: 

  • Small and reliable working group
  • Structured group that help you keep up with class work
  • Better understand material and work for a strong grade!
  • More productive study time
  • Meet great people/study partners

 Why do you have to register: 

  • Helps with scheduling
  • Accountability
  • 1 credit hour, satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade mode
  • Attendance & participation are what determine satisfactory/unsatisfactory

Seats are limited!  All students participating will register for ENG 199 section PLT (1-credit hour) and then will add designated PLT section that pairs with the class you are registering for which is 0 credit hour. 

Example:  A student taking PLT for math 220 would register for ENG 199 PLT (CRN 69585) & ENG 199 M20 (CRN 52924).

PLT Facilitators

We are excited to clarify concepts, share study strategies, and get to know you as fellow engineering students!

CS 173
Math 115
Math 220
Math 221
Math 231
Math 241
Math 257
Math 257
Math 285
PHYS 100
PHYS 211
PHYS 211
PHYS 212
PHYS 214/213
TAM 210/211
TAM 210/211