Engineering Council's Academic Tips

  1. Get Involved
    • There are over 1,100 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), including 75+ engineering-related RSOs
    • Undergraduate research
    • Intramural sports teams
    • The Marching Illini, orchestra, a capella groups
    • Cultural Houses
  2. Network Professionally
    • Engineering Career Services (ECS): Provides career management services to College of Engineering students
    • The Engineering Career Fairs, hosted in the fall and spring by ECS and the Engineering Employment EXPO student committee
    • Many engineering RSOs bring in recruiters from industry to talk at general meetings
  3. Go to office hours
    • Professors and Teaching Assistants help break down the complex concepts so you can better understand
    • Professors who know students are more likely to give a letter of recommendation
    • Getting to know professors and TAs are great ways to find undergraduate research positions

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  1. Ask Questions
    • The more you question, the better answers you get
    • Use open-ended questions to encourage options, elaboration, and discussion
  2. Study Abroad
    • Get college credit while immersing yourself in a foreign culture
    • Research and volunteer work abroad is also an option
  3. Manage your time
    • Make sure you are prioritizing classes, work, family, friends, clubs, health, and hygiene
    • Use a planner, journal, or Google Calendar to keep track of your commitments
  1. Work with Upper Classmen
    • Adopt a mentor, whether they are someone from an RSO you’re in, your ENG 100 ELA, a CARE tutor, or someone else
  2. Take advantage of college resources
    • Whether it's the Counseling Center, McKinley, DRES, the ARC/CRCE, Academic Advising, ECS, or Campus Safety, know what your resources are and how to use them
  3. Set goals
    • You will never learn more about your coursework or yourself than when in college
    • What do you want to achieve in college? Out of college? In 10 years? Setting goals motivates you to work for something
  4. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
    • You will never have an experience like this again!

"For nearly 75 years, Engineering Council has stood as a steadfast pillar, empowering and enriching various facets within the Grainger College of Engineering. Having had the extraordinary opportunity to serve on EC's board for the past three years, I started as Engineering Freshman Council President and later assumed the roles of treasurer, Vice President External, and currently, I am honored to hold the position of EC's President.

Central to our mission, the Engineering Council oversees the allocation of funds to over ninety engineering RSOs, propelling their impactful initiatives to new heights. Our dedication extends far beyond the financial aspect, as we spearhead the organization of this campus' grandest events, including EOH, Career Fairs, and E-Night.

Through Engineering Freshman Council, we embrace the responsibility of guiding and mentoring freshmen through practical leadership. Our mentoring programs and events extend beyond just underclassmen, as EC boasts alumni in every sector and always provides our members with countless resources. Engineering Council consists of fourteen dynamic committees, tirelessly forging bridges of collaboration across college departments, administrators, deans, and RSO presidents. EC is proud to host Engineering Days and SITE for prospective students. Dinner with the Deans, town halls, and luncheons offer casual networking opportunities with Deans. Engineering Week, Corporate, Service, D&I, Social, and publicity, round out our committee offerings. 

If you are interested in joining an EC committee or running for an executive position, visit our website or Instagram to keep up with all things EC. I am beyond excited for the school year and look forward to seeing what great things my fellow classmates accomplish!"

Ojas Mor
Engineering Council | President