Early Grade Reporting Guide

Early grades generally post between week 5-8.  This is a good time to review your goals, intentions, and progress so far this semester

Step 1

Check Your Grades: Early grades give you an idea of what your academic assessment is as reflected by the hour exams, quizzes, homework, labs, and/or attendance. Check your grades at https://registrar.illinois.edu/check-your-grades.

Only freshman have "early grades" reported in self-service.  All other students should check grades in the grade book for each course.

Measure & Evaluate: Early grades are a routine verification of one’s assessment in a class. A conversation with your TA or professor will help clarify any discrepancies.

Improving Your Grade:  Early grades are temporary and will be replaced by final grades. These grades help determining if a class needs additional attention. Link to explanation of grades. If improvement is necessary, consider the following "step 2" below.

Step 2

Make Sure You Examine your learning routine: Are you putting forth time to learn the material in class (as opposed to simply working to submit required assignments)? Are you learning the material as it comes (i.e., “lecture-to-lecture”) or are you prompted by deadlines (i.e., “test-to-test”)?

Align your resources: How do you use tutoring and academic support available? Is your lifestyle support your learning demands (i.e., are you eating and sleeping well, are you over-committed, etc)?

Need help? Please meet with an advisor in the Grainger Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office!  We’re not only here when you need us, we are here every step of the way!