Exam Study Tips

Make a plan & start early!

Do yourself a favor and start early! This will lower your stress and anxiety, allowing you to perform better on your exams!

Believe in yourself stylized textPrioritize Self-Care

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Make a Plan
  • Make a plan over a couple of weeks (short study blocks, often, is the best way to retain information)
  • Prioritize & organize (pace yourself)
  • Review notes, past HW, & old exams (reformat notes into charts, diagrams, outlines that create a visual to make sense of complex concepts)
  • Utilize office hours & CARE tutoring for ask questions!
Find a Study Partner
  • Create study sessions with friends or classmates
  • Review together & take turns explaining concepts to each other

Consider switching up your study space if it will help you stay focused

  • Switching the subject you study every 30-40 minutes will prevent learning fatigue & increase focus
  • If you are on-campus, consider Grainger Engineering Library or CARE group study rooms!