Advising Resources for Engineers

Grainger Engineering
College Advisors:

Location:  4th floor of Grainger Engineering Library-East-Wing

Advising information here

Phone: 217-333-2280


Your Department Office can help with any departmental-level concerns.

Contact an advisor in your undergraduate department office. See our department contacts page!

Department office help includes, but is not limited to:

  • coursework planning
  • major planning
  • specific major questions
  • concerns about academic performance
  • general questions about your major
  • course selection
  • senior thesis questions
  • questions about the department
  • general questions about your major you don’t know who else to ask…

Your Faculty Advisor can assist you with general course planning.

Your department advising team can help if you have any specific questions about college or departmental policy, or plan to take a non-typical course/program of study.

Your faculty advisor can help with:

  • career information, including jobs and internships
  • research interests or current research opportunities
  • general questions about your field of study/graduate school
  • coursework planning
  • concentrations in the major
  • big picture questions about the field you are interested in

Additional Resources

  1. Engineering Career Services (ECS): The College of Engineering has its own career development and placement office, located at 3270 Digital Computing Lab, (217) 333-1960. It is important to start career development early!
  2. Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE): Manage the academic rigor of the college at CARE. Please familiarize yourself with the various resources available to you there at
  3. Engineering IT: Student Services & Support for ALL technology needs.

Engineering IT Help Desks are located at: 2302 Siebel Center, 3080 ECE Building, 1129 Mechanical Engineering Lab, 264 Coordinated Science Lab, and 264 Materials Research Lab

We are available for all IT-related questions and requests at or by phone at (217) 333-1313

Final Tips

Read emails sent from the College. You are responsible for the information sent to you by the College. Secure messages can be read here

Use the Course Change Portal. From the 10th day of classes until the Campus Drop Deadline, you must use the Course Change Portal to make course change requests. Please keep an eye out for an email with instructions.

Engineering has restricted courses! You cannot drop certain courses after the 10th day of classes. Please go here

Don’t wait to come in with concerns. We are here to support you and we want you to be successful. That said, you may encounter difficulties and the earlier you come in to talk with the College, the more options we have to help.